These are my most prominent “progress” photos. The first one dates back to my junior year of highschool so about 3 years ago. I really just want to talk about this past year or so. 

I’ve come a really long way from where I was just last year, mostly mentally. About a year ago I dropped out of college and came home. I was depressed, suicidal, and every time I looked in the mirror I hated what I saw. I didn’t want to do anything anymore, I was done trying to improve my life because it was like the more I tried the harder I failed. I pushed away anyone that wanted to help me. I was so scared of others hurting me again that I just turned cold against those close to me. 

Over the year I managed to make great friends and grow closer to my old ones. Although I may have lost some friends on the way I can now say that I’ve surrounded myself with people that lift me closer to success. The friends I have now bring me higher every day and I am so thankful for them. I even managed to make some good friends on here too. 

I’m not too good at writing down all I want to say in a concise manner but what I really want to say is thank you to my friends. Even if you didn’t know it you have all helped me in one way or another. You all have helped me going from someone at rock bottom to a self confident, happy person. I managed to win a PowerLifting meet. I’m stronger than I ever was. I love what I see when I look in the mirror. I got a job. I fee like I have my life together.

Thank you

this is one of my favourite progress posts! 

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